What we have here is a failure to communicate

I have had an on-going issue which now is taking a farcical direction. I had to use the advanced exchange program, support contacted me and offered me a choice of games to download whilst i waited for the replacement. So far so good, the whole process had been quick and pain free. The new console turned up, i took the other one to a UPS drop off place, job done. Next morning, my bank calls, they have frozen my account as multiple attempts had been made to withdraw 600 pounds from that account and as the point of origin was a different country it had been flagged as fraudulent activity.

After spending the rest of Saturday on the phone to the bank and xbox support, i was'nt sure what had happened, was it a malicious incident or simply a systems error?

Either way, i now had no access to funds or my bank account. After waiting for the 48 hours that i was told to, i had not had any reply or information from Xbox as to what went wrong. I contacted support again by phone and was told the matter was being processed. The next day i contacted support via chat and was informed they had received the broken xbox and that i 'would be delighted with the outcome' as the issue had been moved to a higher tier team.

So the broken xbox had been delivered and signed for and i had limited access to my bank account (but no bank cards, credit cards etc). I still was waiting for an answer as to why they had tried to take the money in the first place. Then i received an email from 'corporate headquarters' saying it was only a hold on my account and sorry for the inconvenience of not being able to play my xbox????? Then i get another email from a different person at 'corporate headquarters' saying its your bank its your problem and they had dispatched another xbox 1 and i needed to provide 800 pounds. This was three days after the first console had been returned to Germany.

So after sending another 5 emails to them to try and clear up the matter, i have had no response, i dont want to go through the whole affair with another agent via phone or chat as they clearly cant handle the current amount of returns etc and it just seems to be confusing my case more.

 All i know is someone  would have emptied my bank account and now i have another xbox 1 en route to replace a working one and a demand for access to 800 pounds. I am expecting Major Nelson to deliver this one, slap me and then hand me a bill for making a personal appearence.

Anyways, i am far from being 'delighted with the outcome',  the mighty 'corporate hq' has basically told me to do one. I am assuming i will get more problems as i will not accept another console or provide access to an account so they can 'hold' 800 pounds.

Should have just waited for them to post a returns box....


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wow, that sucks.  Something wrong has happened, obviously.  I chalk it up to human error.

Thanks. Good reply Morpheos. I could not stop myself to reply to you. lol


I would say your bank did the right thing by freezing the account. So what if when this New console shows up, you decline it and tell the delivery service to 'Return to Sender.'?

By no means would I accept any delivery under such condictions.

^ WOW!

People still reply to threads from 2013. lol