What Was That Game... And What Happened To It?

So when they used to show us videos of upcoming releases on XBox LIVE there was one for a game where you played the role of government agents in what seemed to be set in the 50's or 60's.


Aliens were amongst us in the form of some black goo.


I believe the trailer shows a typical American housewife from behind, ironing.


When it shows her from the front I think she's got a Black Goo face, or something with her eyes.


They had a couple of vids that showed a little gameplay footage.


Also I think it's supposed to be an updated version of something that was popular years ago?


Can anyone remember what it is and what happened to it?






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I'm guessing your thinking of the other X-Com game thats coming out next year, its supposed to be an FPS but i think they have completely redesigned it so who know what it is now

You're thinking of the upcoming XCOM shooter which was originally supposed to be an FPS. The latest rumors suggest it's now turned into a third-person squad-based shooter that may be released as a digital title rather than a full retail game:

I've heard the 3rd person switch rumours and here's the slightly more interesting part. I've seen a couple of screenshots that suggest it might now be a more open world game too rather than linear story missions.