What to do with about 75 online content codes?

At my work, I get to keep all the online content code that come with games and packages that is about to get thrown out. Ive got about 75 of them kicking around, online passes, dlc, arcade games, 2 day trials, etc. I was looking for suggestions on getting rid of these, im not guna use all them and I dont really wanna throw them out, so I'm looking for a last ditch efficiant thing to do with them (aka im not naming all the games there for or sending out every code manually)


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It's really up to the owner/manager as to what should be done with those inserts.


If the management is fine with you taking them to do with as you wish, you could give them away to members of whatever third party gaming site/forum you're a member of.

Personally if I were in charge I'd give them out to the regular customers when they buy something, as an added bonus.

Do some promotional deals buy a game get two promotional codes with it for free.

Dimmer, you are going to need to make this decision on your own at this point. We will not have people asking for you to send them codes/content, etc.. Thanks very much for your understanding in this matter.