What Should I get

While I was in town earlier to to see if they're were any games I would like to get and Star Wars: The force unleashed 2 was there for £15, I was wondering if it was worth it as I've heard its quite short (How long is it) and Castlevania and Red Dead Redemption was also there for £15. Fallout new vagas and Alpha protocl was there for £10. Should I get anyone of these or shall I wait and get LA Noire.

I've been coming to the idea of keeping most of my games (Apart from sports games) instead or trading in.  Your opinions on these games will be much appreciated!


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Red Dead is great, one of the better games to come out in 2010. Would definitely recomend.

Stay well clear of Alpha Protocol though.

I haven't played the others.

Star Wars: The Force Unleased II really isn't very good. In fact the best thing about it is the DLC set on Endor which costs a measly 80MSP (Some compensation for the poor game I guess).


Castlevania is great though. It's a very decent sized game which should take somewhere between 15-20 hours to complete. Combat is tight and there are some fresh takes on the hack/slash genre. This is far superior to Star Wars...


I played Red Dead but didn't really care for it, no criticism really, it just wasn't for me.


I would either get Castlevania or get LA Noire tomorrow, that looks to be pretty good.

I felt Red Dead was dull at the start, but soon became a lot of fun. The story was very well made.

I'd recommend getting it

Thanks guys! How long is Star wars FU2? I really would like to get it as I loved the Jedi fights in the first one? Whats the multiplayer like in Red dead redemption?

I'd avoid Star Wars Force Unleashed II if I was you, game took me around 5 hours to complete and was one of the most competitive games I've ever played. The first one was far better and that can be picked up now for only a few quid.

I highly recommend Red Dead Redemption, fantastic game in every aspect!


Red Dead Redemption is a cool, western sandbox game. Game of the year of 2010 IMO. L.A Noire will be a cool game too but it's not out yet for UKers. Stay out of the garbage called Star Wars Force Unleashed 2.

Fallout NV was GOTY last year for me i think or one of. Great game, if the DLC is good it could be better than 3. Worth a ten bob note.

Just get Red Dead Redemption and the Undead Nightmare disc with all the DLC! EPIC game!

[quote user="jigster1"]

Whats the ****ult****player like ****n Red dead redemption?



Really ****ood, loads of people still play ****t. There's free roam where you can ****o around the ****ap with other people and do ****an**** hideouts, hunt animals etc and then there's the usual ****a****e ****odes (shootout, capture the bag, free for all)

You can ****et a free DLC that adds co-op ********ss****ons to the ****a****e, or ****f you ****et bored there are a few DLCs that add new ****aps and weapons for a price. **** recommend the undead nightmare DLC- ****t has a nice single player story and lets you play a zombie ****ult****player ****a****e type. However ****t would be best ****f you ****et this AFTER you complete the story as ****t has some (********nor) spoilers

lol what ?

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