Why in gods name is this not on the xbox one?

I cannot for the life of me UNDERSTAND WHY EXACTLY this is on the xbox 360 but it is not on the xbox one. 

From a user perspective, with a friend sitting there playing the game and trash talking I'd love to be able to hear the responses from other gamers. With a group of friends watching a skilled gamer, this takes away from the experience... and the 'look xbox one' experience, as it is essentially a friend who's gaming talking to himself, without everybody else in the room laughing at the responses. 

I haven't checked if this feature is available on the PS4 or not. But what I need to know is, is there any news about when playing other players voices through the TV AND MIC AT THE SAME TIME WILL COME TO XBOX ONE???

In all honesty, it's completely unbelievable that it hasn't. I'm ashamed for microsoft to not have implemented this feature. 

I'm also wondering is there any other way in which we, as the consumers and gamers of xbox can bring pressure on microsoft to implement this into xbox one??


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