what makes a good online gamer

I play online more than anything else, mostly cod battlefield. I guess I'm average but not great. What's the secret to online gaming ? and are guy's better at it than girls or 

could it be the other way round.


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Practice. Simply put. Play a lot and you will learn. You do not need to be "taught" much in gaming. Play enough and you will be good. And are you kidding about men being better than women? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard lol. Obviously it could be the other way around...

What makes a good online gamer?  Here is what I want in a teammate:  use your mic to coordinate, don't quit early, play the objectives, don't grief your teammates.  Actual skill means less than being a good team-player.

Just find your preferred controller settings that are comfortable in the game, so you have a steady aim when killing adversaries etc.. You don't want to have the crosshair settings too high or move too fast.. Because the Weapon you choose, will also Kick-back or recoil & you might find it harder to fire the weapon & keep aim...

Anthonymrb is right, You need to Practice too..

Both Men & Women, are equally skilled online.. But, it's how long you can stay focused & women normally have the edge there.. Men normally get Irate very quickly when shot & women just laugh at you & shoot you again... =P

Not being good at all makes you great.

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Practice.  That's it really, sure some points others made are valid as well, I.E. being a good teammate and communicating.   But at the end of the day, regardless of the people who want to talk about 'skill'.   Most of it, in the end, comes down to practice.

The more you play, the more you learn the maps and lvl up, and just get used to the gameplay and, hence, the better you will be.

Every time I've been good at MP (Counter-Strike and MW2) just so happen to be the only times I spent a lot of time playing and making myself better.. 

Will you ever be as good as the top players?   No.  But they also dedicate 10x as much to the game as you ever will... 

As long as you talk a lot of trash, make quick edit montage videos with overplayed music, teabag/desecrate an enemy after killing them, add a few X's in your name, and buy an MLG gamerpic, you'll be a good online gamer in no time. Some might even call you a t0tal pr0.

Not shouting and harassing other players who may be less skilled, saying good job or well done to a team-mate who blows up or does the objective for you. Help other players and yes get used to your controller settings, change them to what you are comfortable with, then you should be fine :)

There is a brief period of time, when a game is freshly released and the maps are not well known.  Two teams fresh into a new game on a new map.  The victors apparently have skill, for they do not have knowledge.  But some people have the skill of gathering knowledge.  After 100 games between the first two teams, the victor apparently has skill.  There are three major skills in the individual gamer, response-reflex time, knowledge, and intelligence.  Team players tend to be not as well rounded in all of these.  Team players usually have heightened narrow focal points like,  communication, and friendly situational awareness.

Don't camp in a cornor deeping on what game you play. This will not help you learn map's etc but once you get to know the map's it's practice, practice, practice that will get you better as an online gamer. The more knowledge you have with on the game the better your also going to be.

Believe in yourself no matter what your stats sit back relax and enjoy yourself.

Play fair. Be friendly. Be helpful to other uses. Have fun. Simple.

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