What L.A Noire preorder bonus r you gettin??

What pre order DLC are you getting with your copy, I'm getting the Naked city, I no that all are going on sale on the market place soon anyway, but was wondering what is ment 2 be the best 2 get,??


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not really my type of game, looks to me like a GTA/Mafia/Godfather mix only you play as the "good guy" i may pick this up in the bargain bin in a few weeks when its cheap, then again i may not.....

for those who like this type of game, i hope you all enjoy......gl

Game usually has exclusive rights for about 60 days, as for play.com there pre order bonus are usually ingame unlocks so i doubt they will hold on to a 60 day exclusive will probably see it in a month

neither, they'll be on the mp soon im guessing

I think I'll be getting a bonus case "A slip of the tongue" and a copy of the soundtrack (download)


This is from Gamestop

Neither as im trading brink and getting it for a fiver

Whatever comes with the GAME pre-order :)

I preordered with Amazon.

Didn't take any notice of any offers when I placed it - just checked the site and apparently I'll be geting a code to download 'The Broderick' detective suit:

"The Broderick" Detective Suit boosts your fist-fighting capabilities and resilience to damage. Throughout L.A. Noire while working cases, you’ll encounter quite a few suspects and persons of interest who prove to be resistant to arrest. Your hand-to-hand fighting skills will be called into action on these cases – the Broderick suit with its enhanced fighting abilities may be that edge in helping make that collar

Basically, it's going to make the game easier!

Ordered at shopto so a t-shirt that wont fit me because i'm 54 and weight challenged but it will fit my son.