What kind of AV Cable comes with Xbox 360 Limited Edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Console?

I have an HDTV... and my Elite is dying so figured I would upgrade to a new Xbox 360 Limited Edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Console.  But I'm not sure what AV cable it comes with... I think it will be a standard def cable.  Can anyone confirm? 

Will I be able to use my Elite cable which has a toggle switch between standard and HDTV?  Or do I need to buy something else?  If so can you point me towards what I need to get?

Thanks in advance.


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I picked up the LE Halo Reach Xbox 360S a while back and it came with no HD Cables at all. It was packed with a regular old Composite Cable Connection (boo). Use HDMI if the option is available, a cheap HDMI Cable can be found for about$5 (US).

Chances are it's the standard or advanced composite cabling. Companies for some reason refuse to include something that would cost them pennies and make their customers happy. I'll leave this thread on my desktop and check to see if the box for this edition says which cable it has if I get the chance at work. ;)

Yes you will be able to use the Component\Composite cable with the Slim as it still has the default AV port that is on every 360.


Ever since people found out what would come in the box with the Slim I have been stupefied as to why a HDMI cable wasn't thrown in there. I know attachment rates for in store retail cables is a big thing, but it is cheaper than the Component cables they used to throw in with 360s.

I got the GW3 console and it just had the standard cables included.

Just to follow up with my earlier post. Like DDC442 has said, the limited edition consoles are packed with standard definition cabling (red, yellow, white as most of my customers call it lol).

Every slim console have composite (standard AV) cables, even Limited Editions.

yeah i found that unfortunately when i went black friday shopping to upgrade and found standard cables when my pro which i bought in 05 came with HD. bought an hdmi cable and said MS screwed me again. its absurd that they cant include an hdmi cable with it.