What is wrong with the Avatar editor... ?

Long story short... i unlocked a heap of avatar awards recently, then when i updated halo waypoint i unlocked more, then when i went into the avatar editor to look at changing them, it needed an update, now half my avatar awards have been deleted, or are just missing, and the halo waypoint avatar awards section glitches out and shows endless pages of the same stuff repeated over and over again... anyone having a similar issue... all these new dashboard updates seem to have seriously screwed things up... a friend of mine lost a bunch of saved games since the most recent one...


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Not sure if it has anything to do with the recent gamerscore reset but I would imagine so.  Read soem of the threads below!

ok thats the first ive heard about a gamerscore reset ?

can you give me more details about that ?

Seems to be on the side of MS, some forumers have spoken with MS and they tell them Tech support is working on it.  More details and speculation are in the recent threads around yours.

ok... now there actually is something odd showing up... My gamerscore : 47,198

its telling me next to where it says change gamertag in the dashboard that i only have 11,032...

something is seriously messed up with this

There is, read here.