What is up with Tropico 4?

Its had 4 release dates slip.. now its on for October 21st. Pc has had it a while now. Why is it taking so long? Its not exactly a fully fledged sequel, its an expansion at best.. 20 new buildings, 20 new missions on only 10 maps.. 2 missions a map is a poor show, 6 new edicts and new disasters. Graphics are exactly the same, so what is taking Haeimont and kalypso so long to release it?


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Same here been watching it Appear and disappear from my lovefilm list for a while.

But Kalypso finally anounced it was 100% confirmed the 18th October in the states so a 21st release date is about right.

I think they just been scared of releasing along side Huge Heavy hitters such as GoW Fifa and Forza. I suppose they think launching along side batman a safer option than BF3 the following week

Maybe making sure it doesnt have the game breaking bug from Tropico 3 in it?

Yeh been watching it on shopto bob up and down on release/not release

What game breaking bug? I've never come across that.

Gameplay instock - Amazon its not out


if you a large population on your island and then saved it.  When you came to load it up the save was corrupted.