What is this "Key" for in my Deck Editor?

In my Deck Editor it says I have a "key" which I may spend to transform a rare card into a foil card or something like that.


Can anyone explain what all this means?






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It unlocks the 30 locked cards in each deck, not a new deck. Therefore it saves time not money. The keys have always been a bit of a rip off. They lock so many cards that you'd have to win 300 matches to unlock all the cards - so it's either pay for the keys, play with a gimped deck or spend 100 hours grinding for cards.

In a couple of months, they will also add more advanced decks which you will pretty much be forced to buy unless you're planning on only playing against the AI.

Don't waste your free key on foiling a deck, the effect is not great and most competitive players turn off the foiling in the options.

It unlocks a whole deck? that sounds worth while. I bought a couple decks for Magic 2011, so this would save money.

How embarassing.


I thought I'd posted in the "Magic: 2013" Forum.


Apparently the Key will immediately unlock an entire deck for you or Foil a card.


I understand what the first one means... I guess what's described above is the 2nd.


You can buy a "key" for 80 MSP.  You are also given a "key" for free if you already own Magic 2012.



Oh my, this will enable me to show all my opponents my favorite card. Providing this is free then it is another, aesthetic reason to get Magic 2013.

Hi Az, the key turns a card into a "shiny".

It doesn't boost it's stats it just makes it look

Different. Hope this helped.