What is the point?!?!?

What's the point with the whole different regions, different prices thing? On top of that there's like 10-15 regions and if you don't live in that country you have to basically "lie" as to where you live just so you can run the *** thing. 

And the cherry on top is that you can put ANY region you want. So basically nothing stops you from choosing a cheap region like let's say US, putting in a fictional billing address and then just using your XBox that way, buying games at the cheapest possible prices AND enjoying all the extras that the US region enjoys.

So once again, what's the point? We live in the digital age. We are not separated by physical distance anymore. You don't have to ship your games, you don't have shops in all of those countries which have to work with the country's currency. Why are we still being separated then? Why can't South Africa for instance enjoy free games with their Gold subscription? Why does Australia have to pay almost double the price of games?

I bought my XBox the other day and for 3-4 hours i was left awestruck by the insanity of it all. At first i put UK as my location since my country is not even in the list, but when i saw what kind of prices the UK enjoys i switched to South Africa. South Africa was the cheapest i saw, but they don't get free games with their Gold account. Finally i moved to the US. True, i can't use my credit card on the US region, because i guess they see it's not registered in the US, but nothing is stopping me from using gift cards from now on and still enjoying all the extras that the US region offers.

Why was i made to do that sort of thing? On the PS4, i switched it on for the first time, i set up my credit card, it automatically chose my region (Europe) and i have had no problems whatsoever since day 1. And although Europe is a bit more expensive than the US, i haven't had the smallest inkling of wanting to change regions or wanting to whine about it, because it WORKS, it just works and i am not left thinking i have to lie about my whereabouts just so i can have a working console.


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Simple,different regions are run by different goverments,have different currency's,taxes etc. so prices are different.

Putting in false billing addresses or having your local different from your actual local will lead into no end of trouble & possibly enforcement action on your account for marketplace theft.

But that's my point. My country is NOT in the list. I have no choice, BUT to put false region. So what am i and 90% of the rest of the world to do in this case?

And this is not entirely true. PS4 is using continental regions, ie. NA, EU, Asia etc. so the problem is not the different countries and prices, taxes, etc. If Microsoft unify the regions by continents then me and so many other people from countries that are not in the list, won't have the "problem" we are having now.

You still have to use your local currency & your countries laws still apply on the PlayStation,even though it's done by regions.

If your country is not on the list there's not much you can do until it's added.

You can carry on the way you are but be ready for issues somewhere down the line.

Well i HAVE to use a region on the XBox if i want to be able to switch it on. Even if i don't use in-game purchases with my credit card and go on with using gift cards and buying Gold subscription from Amazon i still have to be set in a certain region. So basically i either have to not buy the console (which is being officially sold in shops throughout the country), or not use any of the online functionality and shops which would make it useless or keep going as i am and fear that i might get banned or whatever for using the "wrong" locale on my XBox... It's insane.

P.S. You're right about the PS4, i forgot it's in my county's currency, because for a long time it was using Euro for some reason.

Just curious,what country are you in?


Ok.The main issue you might have is not having your actual,billing & account location all the same.This can cause problems with digital purchases but like you say,you don't really have a choice.

I am confused. Is my account locale different than the console locale? Because i would think that they are the same. And if they are different where can i see my account locale?

Never mind. Did some reading. Got the full picture now. Still in the same situation, but at least the fog has lifted somewhat.