What is the best hd gaming tv 1080 for me

Hi i want a new HD TV with 1080, want the best i can afford for £240, need it to be awsome for xbox, watching movies.

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For £240 you might struggle a bit, try here www.electronicworldtv.co.uk 


They have some good deals in there if you catch them at the right time, the stock varies depending on what your looking for. 


Also www.richersounds.com I've just brought a LG 37LV550T from there for £500, good shop, cheaper than most places, do some good deals on the smaller TV's   

What size do you want? I wouldn't bother with 1080p unless you are getting a huge screen (not on this budget), or sitting at a desk like a PC.

You can get some nice screens at about 24" for that, but if you want 32" or bigger go for 720p.

To be honest, 720p is ideal for xbox anyway.

Some nice name brand TVs in your budget here.


If your wallet is that tight I'd do what the others suggest and go 720. Unless you're planning on using it for HD broadcasts and blu-rays it won't matter if your TV is 1080. Pretty much 99% of PS3/360 games aren't even native 1080p

I managed to get a 40" Samsung Series 5 1080p TV for £300 from Currys earlier this year. Its not the newest TV out there, but for that price its very good.

I am wanting either 26" or 32" i mainly use tv for gaming and dvds

As others said go for a 720p HD ready tv at that price, I got a Panasonic 1080p tv with specific game function but it was closer to £500,

Argos frequently have sales on or as others have said Richer Sounds, can get some bargains there

seen an advert on the telebox earlier , Samsung 32"LCD at Comet for 249 quid , seems like a good deal.