What is new Xbox update for

As above im currently downloading the new update, which is very slow or very large, anyone know what is in the update ?


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Is this the 360 update??   If so I believe it's a bug fix.... 

i was refering to 360, and if it s bug fix its totally broken xbox live, as now it is taking so long to get anything done its virtually unuseble

and yet it couldn't fix the security sign-in problem. I have to get the pop-up every 3 days or so to verify my info (which I already did), confirm or back out, get booted offline, and then sign in with the appropriate gamertag again...every 3 days since the previous update

Tank  i dont know what they have done but my 360 is now unuseble, there is a current service alert as for  around 8pm gmt for core services, really fedup with this now

@Tank - Try Googling "Xbox security proofs". There's also somewhere online where you have to enter some info that they don't bother telling you about in the message. That was happening to me at the beginning of the year and it was annoying as hell, but it finally stopped once I did the online part. I just can't remember exactly what it was now.