What is my original Xbox 360 (non-HDMI) worth?

As above, I've decided to upgrade to the new Xbox 360 S as there are some cracking deals out there ATM. Somone wants to buy my original off me and I was just thinking what is it really worth?

Any help would be great.


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like £20

Thats good then, was thinking about that. Offered it to my mate at work for £30 he bit my arm off.....

As Aunt says, its worth very little. Its hardly worth trading them in now, as nobody wants them.

20 quid, before I bought my second xbox I'd have been pleased to get it for 50 quid.. old xbox or not.  20 is very cheap.

no warranty, out of date console especially lacking HDMI...probably a 20GB HDD with it....I would only consider it as a spare, something goes wrong thats it...gone

Good job this person I work with isn't very bright then.... I told him £30 and he jumped at it. I didnt think they were worth anything, just wanted to know if the price I was thinking was a little too low but obvs not.

Yeah it has a 20GB HDD but I'll sell that to him for £15 :p

you are going to sell him the hd separately....well then you better make sure he understands hes buying it as is and if it goes wrong no point coming back you you

I'm thinking of upgrading to a slim model, was told my arcade Xbox with hdmi port was £20 to trade in so I'll prob just keep it as a spare.