What is Kinect/Kinect 2.0 for?

Hi guys,

I've got a question which I've been unable to find and answer to so far...

What EXACTLY is Kinect for?

I know that you can hack up a PC and use an Xbox 360 Kinect as a MoCap sensor. And I know that Kinect 2.0 contains HD Cameras, Microphones, Depth Sensors and Heartbeat Sensors which, if internet connected, is a massive invasion of privacy. But other than the things i've described above, what EXACTLY is kinect for?

I'm wondering because I bought Kinect sensors for both the XBOX 360 and the XBOX One (XBOX 3, lol) but to date have not found ANY real use for either of them (Except, one time when I was having controller connection issues so I opened my XBOX One and tore through the ribbon that connects the front panel to the logic board which resulted in me thinking I no longer had front panel buttons, which I, in fact, still did. And also when the controller was unusable I used the kinect to start/join/leave parties and various other menu related stuff).

Now, I'm not some PS fanboy trolling the forums (I've ALWAYS owned both and ALWAYS preferred XBOX for gaming and UX). I'm just genuinely wondering WHAT ARE THE KINECT SENSORS FOR? Ive had an XBOX One pretty much since launch but havent seen anything for it. Are there any games? if so what and where are they?

I would love to hear from someone at microsoft about this as we are almost TWO YEARS into the life cycle of the latest generation machine but not even Microsoft have delivered any Kinect based user experiences that are notable, much less any third parties. Also at the time of launch purchase of a Kinect was mandatory. There was no option to buy a console without it. So if it was so important, WHY WAS IT SO IMPORTANT? did Microsoft have plans that they are yet to reveal?

I'm genuinely looking for answers to these questions. As a long-time champion of XBOX since the original XBOX and to this day I hope to receive answers to these questions. even if the only answer is. "OK, hands up!!! We got it wrong..."



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When it works and doesn't stop working, "not plugged in error", it's awesome for hands free use.  Its nice to say "Xbox On" and everything comes on, to control your tv's volume and your cable box.  Pause and play movies without a controller, and tell it to change the channel without memorizing all their numbers.  ESPN for example is 2 hundred and something, but I just say, "Xbox, watch ESPN."  And it switches to TV and auto tunes to that station.  My wife who does not like games loves this feature which makes this a great home theater unit as well.  It was the easiest selling tool for a wife in the world.