What if the new xbox could play PC games? could that have been a game changer.

What are your thoughts on this, could it work intergrating PC games to run on the xbox one as they run on microsoft software anyways?  


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different architecture and operating system no, there are slight changes so they'd still have to be ported.

not on this hardware. but because of the hyperviser system i am guessing you will see tablets, laptops, and desktops running a full windows 8 + x1 os with a hyperviser system just like x1. so you would have access to the entire x1 game catalog plus any program or game on a pc.


it will be a while but i would be surprised if it doesnt happen.

hate to say it but if this were able to play pc games it wouldn't be worth it you could easily build a $500 rig that would be capable of outperforming the xbox one

Maybe PC makers should start including a Kinect with every purchase of Windows 8 and Surface tablets.

Armymedic75 could you please show me a build that I could purchase today and have built for me and have all the necessary programs installed that I could pay $500 for? Also make sure it has voice commands and motion control too.

hmm I thought that the Kinect wasn't a factor in the price of the xbox one according to ms and I have heard many people mentioned that it might very well be a freebie.  so lets take Kinect out of the equation that leaves you with just the console

I can easily pick up a copy of windows for about 60-90 so I will say about 75

a cheap case for around another 30

a radeon 7850(being generous here lol doubt if the card will be this powerful in either system for 140

a 500gb WD caviar blue for 50

a disk drive for 18

8 gigs of ram for 45

a 500w ps for around 40

plus figure 30 for a basic keyboard mouse combo.  WHat does that come to

actually cheaper at a grand total of $428 thank you for playing and have a nice day

At its heart, the X1 IS basically a PC with a lower end AMD processor and a 7850 GPU. You could conceivably modify it to run a standard Windows OS and play PC games, but out of the box it will have a different OS and API's. It isn't as simple as moving a game that runs on one Microsoft platform to another; they are completely different software environments.


If you're buying the X1, you're buying it to play X1 games. They will be much better configured for the hardware. The X1 as a PC is very, very low end. You wouldn't get anywhere near the performance by playing PC games on it, which are nominally optimized for a wide variety of hardware combinations on systems that require a lot more resources just to operate. X1 games will be created to use the specific environment of the X1 in a way that makes the most out of its hardware for gaming focused purposes.


You can't just take one and put it on the other, and you wouldn't want to anyway, because the X1 is seriously lacking in hardware power compared to even a mid range gaming PC. If you really want to play PC games you're better off spending $600-1000 on a rig, but people who choose to buy the X1 instead are looking for that box they can simply set in their living room and play, along with the Kinect and all that jazz. It's all up to which one you think would work better for your personal tastes.

Like I have shown you could easily build a pc including OS that would run the games the same as the Xbox one on a budget of $500 don't say it cant be done just need to be smart where you purchase your parts and fyi I could build it today if I wanted to but spending out more to get an even better gaming experience

Doc you forgot a motherboard and CPU : \

oops yes I did my bad okay add another 30 for a cheap motherboard and go with and amd 965 for 75 ouch sorry I was around 20-30 dollars over the price but hey you could say that's the tax lol

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