What headset should I get?

I am getting a new headset after having bought and losing 5 of the default XBOX 360 headsets and my favorite headset which was the U.S. Army Universal Gaming Headset with 3D Sound Effects.  I loved the headset and it was very comfortable and sounded great but after less than 2 months it stopped picking up the sound of my voice though I could hear out of it just fine.  I asked about the year warranty and they wouldn't help me because I got it off of Ebay.  Which I did because it was a lot cheaper than anywhere else.  I will be mainly using it for chatting with friends though I would really appreciate if the headset had good sound :)

Now I am getting a new headset and here's what it HAS to be:

1. It has to have two ear muffs, I cannot go back to only one ear :P

2. It cannot cost more than 80$ though 70$ is kind of my max

3.  I have to be able to chat with friends and hear my game through the headphones

4. It has to last at least several hours at a time

5. It has to be WIRELESS because so far every time one of my headsets has stopped working is because of something to do with the cords

What I would prefer it to be:

1. Kind of cool looking :P

2. I would like for it to be rechargeable but if it uses AAA batteries that is fine

3. I would like the mic to be interchangeable because I already have one

4. I really need something that doesn't break easily, at all if possible

5. It would be really cool if it had surround sound but that doesn't matter too much

6. This is the least important; I would appreciate if it used a different channel from that of my XBOX 360 even though I don't actually use wireless internet on my XBOX (I use my ethernet cable)

Thank you for your time and please comment and help :D



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I really need an answer soon ;) :) ;( :( :P :O :o :3 :D

Start googling headsets. Try amazon. The web is full of information.

Get Astro A50's.

I have and what I do find, i'm not sure about, I was looking at Turtle Beach X31 or X32

My limit is much less than 300 (80 max, preferably 70)