What has the new update done to the xbox.

I just put in mass effect 2 then went on nfs hot pursuit. It now takes about a minute to get on the menus.


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nothing just getting ready for the update later on in the year



also it aint done nething to mine just incase ya wondering

Well its done something cos these games never took this long to load.

dunno maybe try clearing your cache

its preparing the system for the new dual layer discs coming later in the year.the new discs won`t do anything different but it gives the developers an excuse to charge us a bit more for them.

Xbox already uses dual-layer discs.


Unless you mean quadruple-layer discs which would be so dense in data that games will probably take about a minute for each loading screen

You can now do a License Transfer  from the console.

New Dashboard coming soon and preparing for the as mentioned, new disc formate that lessens the amount of space used up for copy protection so developers can squeeze 1gb more on to the 360 Disc

Is the new Dash Kinect only? It looks pretty awkward to use if you dont have Kinect.

Where can we see this new dash?

Well under the NDA's that the closed beta testers would have been issued, nobody would tell you, the only way to probaly get a taster is too google it, im sure someone will have broken there NDA, theres always one that has to ruin it....