What happened to the sledgehammer COD that was supposedly out this year?

it was meant to be an action-adventure COD? was it because of the problems at IW , so they had to help with MW3? if so, will it be out in 2012? presumably with Black Ops 2?


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Cancelled. Most it was shoehorned into MW3's multiplayer

oh it was actually cancelled and not just put on hold? dam. wanted a nice cod game for £30 with a great single player - quickscoping idiots and 8 year olds...

It may be resurrected knowing activision but at this moment in time, presume it's cancelled

It wasn't canceled. It was put on hold so they could go and help Infinity Ward make MW3.

Never knew there was going to be a Black Ops 2?

So sledgehamer are doing black ops 2? Wat about treyarch ? Or r they just helping ?