what happened to the 'rewards' from games?

I think the last couple things i got were from lfd2, a couple t-shirts for my avatar.

Ive not found a game that does them now.


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List of games which has avatar awards: www.xboxresource.com/avatars.php

Also there is one or two bits to be earned from Gears3.

Saints row 3 has some

Forza 4 has some

Why give them away for free when you can sell them for 400 points.

As above I've had a few recently from forza 4, saints row 3 and gears 3

What are saints row 3's?

Johnny Gat bobblehead and a t-shirt.

Kinect Sports 2 has some hats...

[quote user="voteDC"]

Johnny Gat bobblehead and a t-shirt.


Aww... no 10 inch phallic bat's then? Oh well, t-shirt will have to do.

Like VoteDc said, there isnt much incentive to give them away when they can make them available for a price through the avatar marketplace and people lap them up.