What happened to sportsmanship?

Has Xbox live become a shell of what it used to be? All you hear on Xbox live is trash talk. I remember when I started people actually said "good game" not "you are a bunch of cheaters" or "go sell you game you noob". It seems everyone acts like an @@@. 


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Mute and Party Chat. No dedicated servers means no admins to keep things civil. Think the most mature FPS you can find right now is Day of Defeat Source or ARMAII on the PC. Most everyone uses mics and with admins things are fun. Perfectly happy to just have a party chat with four or more players that can have fun and keep things mature. Games and Live! need a simpler and faster interface to get people into Party Chat where at least one person has control.

If most people aren't in Party Chat its still there the first week or so after a new game comes out, before everyone starts taking it way to seriously.

It's the price for playing online, with people you don't know and having you're mic on.  And the anonymity of it all doesn't help.  Sad but true.  I played BF2 once with a friend and could only hear him, since we were in private chat and had a great time. 


Under anonymity people will always act stupid or say things they otherwise they wouldn't say. However, On occasion I have ran into some very cool people on Xbox Live games. Those are the people you add to your friends list and start party chatting with.

old xbox live was the best playing ghost recon 1 and island thunder ,because players could host there own games so usually you had to show the host a little respect ,after a while you got accepted and it became fun

Please use the feedback system (both "Player Review" and "File a Complaint") whenever possible, especially for the people going over-and-above with the trash talk (cursing, racism, constant harrassment, etc.). There may not be in-game admins, but XBL does have a dedicated team handling consistently abusive players. Choosing "Avoid This Player" in the Player Review section should prevent you from being quick-matched into their game again (or them from coming into your game).

Xbox live has been full of tools since day one.