What happened to Oddworld Strangers Wrath on XBLA??

I remember last year an updated version of Strangers Wrath was being planned for Live Arcade, I've been looking foward to it ever since, I still have my Original xbox version but never did finish it,

Is it still on it's way? I hope so 


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Last I read about it, is that they are having problems getting it released on the 360 due to the file size limit which is 2GB I think and the game is about 3.2GB going by the PS3 version.

Size limits are so dumb. 2GB is nothing. It's a really good looking update as well. They redid all the character models, though terrain details look more or less the same.

Hmmm I think the file size limit has changed recently though with the Arcade NEXT rules, bigger better games, 400 Gamerscore, and up to another 400 Gamerscore can be attached with DLC - at the rate of higher prices though 1600 MS Points per game. You might just see the game released afterall ...

Yeah it's all down to microsoft to be honest and their 2gb file limit for arcade games. Which is quite funny when you look at lara croft and the guardian of light which is 2.2gb.  

You can get it for around £6.99... ish on steam at the moment. Plus as a bonus for free you will receive a patch which is an HD update for the game. Plus future DLC is comfirmed  as well.

I've heard crap things about the Steam port. I'd be wary bout it.

Looks & plays great on the PS3.In fact it puts a lot of recent games to shame.