What happened to my xbox?

My girlfriend was watching a DVD on my Xbox while I was at work. She told me that the controller came on by itself and then the DVD froze and flickered off. Then a loading screen came up and starting displaying a video that I can only call pornographic on the Xbox video app. I have never used this app nor knew it existed. Now when I go on it and look on recent videos it says I have never used the app. Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks.


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I think shes winding you up mate

dodgy DVD with porn on it instead of the knock off film you thought was on it?

Oh dear, this wont end well lol

It was the girlfriend, in the study, with the porno?

Pretty vague with your info really. What DVD was it? was she in the middle of watching it? or Just putting it in?


I can give you two facts though.


Joypads cannot turn on without pressing the guide button. Unless its a wired pad thats plugged in when the Xbox is turned on.


Nothing on a dvd would prompt a loading screen.


The only thing you can do is run through the same steps she did and see if the "naughty fault" manifests itself again.





If this naughtiness does manifest itself again....lemme know what DVD it is so I can check, :)

There was a similar story on the support forums a couple of months ago.I'll see if i can find it later.

i think she didnt want to get caught watching porn!my advice is put it on again with her sat at the side of you and let the good times roll!

I want my DVD back !!!! :)