What gaming news site do you guys use?

I used to be a big IGN fan because it was originally sega sages. Recently I'm losing interest in it because they focus on a bunch of other stuff. And their mobile view for the site is awful.  I've been using twitter but I haven't really found any other good sites. I looked at NEOGaf but that site is a joke. They ban users for having negative opinions on PS4, seriously, i got banned.



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Newsnow.co.uk gives a list of all news sites like an rss feed

www.BuyItAndPlayItBecauseReviewsAreBoughtAndPaidFor.com for me :-)

1. GameInformer

2. Rev3Games

3. Random YouTube channels

gamerankings.com comes in handy.

Just checked out polygon. they do have a pretty neat looking website.

I use /v/ because if something important happens, there will be a thread about it. If there is no thread about it, it's not important.

Yeah, i kinda miss GameTrailer's old format/intro videos for each catagory each game review has.  They've broken it down a bit.  It used to be Story, Game Design, Controls, Presentation, and Review.  I forget which 1 they took out and sometimes they don't even tell you which aspect they're reviewing so you have to kinda guess while watching.

Polygon has a fantastic website. Gametrailers, I trust most for reviews which they make as quite well rounded, whereas Polygon's reviews seem to be based more on feel for a game and are usually more critical.


I take anything on the internet with a grain of salt of course. Especially if it comes from IGN.

Iusually use GameTrailers for interviews, trailers, reviews.  Most of my other stuff is subscribed on YouTube to Machinima's Inside Gaming (For this I subscribe to the Machinima main CH as well as Inside Gaming's own CH), MachinimaETC, MachinimaRealm, MachinimaRespawn, Machinima Live, Machinima Prime (Long list from Machinima, I know, lol!), Polaris, Roosterteeth, the Escapist, GameInformer, Rev3Games, Revision3, InsideXBox, and also XBox.  Anything else is usually closest to the company that makes the consoles, Nintenddo or $ony.  Also what I do in the susbcription managment is check the box to reveive e-mails about new uploads (by that particular CH) otherwise I really can't keep up or I'll forget, I have so many subscriptions to dif things on YouTube.  I kinda do the same on FaceBook I(like pages) and twitter (Although I don't postmuch there) and this'll help too, their desktop thing alled TweetDeck, if youwant alerts of posts and stuffstuff between faceBook, Twitter, etc, pages.

If reading is your preferred format, then I suggest typing in 'Xbox One news' into Google and seeing what floats to the top. After a while you'll know which are your favourites :-)

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