What games have kept you entertained during the summer

Hey all,


So yeah title says it all really. It seems like there hasnt been a decent game, or any game for that matter, out for weeks and weeks now as usual during the summer. So im interested to know, what games have you guys been playing over last couple of months? Have you been catching up with older games or are newer ones keeping your interest?


I have been catching up with Dead Space which i purchased ages ago and stopped playing, managed to finish the first game, and have now started the second :) Also i tried getting back into Deus Ex but once again lost interest. Other than those i started Resistance 3 and am really enjoying that too now. :)


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The Olympic Games. Hur Hur, c wot I did thur? But no, I have loads of RPGs and the Assassins creed series to keep me happy.

I'm currently getting tuned into Max Payne, barely touched it when I first got it but going through the story on the hardest setting you can when 1st starting out, really enjoying it now but getting my @@@ kicked just now trying to go through the boardroom when they swing in from the helicopters :(

Got Condemned recently aswell but not given it a chance to be fair but I will eventually !!!

Alway's the Trial's league tracks and Fifa club's to keep me going along with the other game's that I play now and then !

Mine craft with a bit of c&c

Man Max Payne 3 on hard is meant to be solid lol, i found it difficult in parts on medium. I really enjoyed the game tho, felt proper bad @@@ when hes shaves his head

At the fifth time of trying,i finally managed to get through fallout 3.

Fen believe me mate I'm gald I already shave my head because I would be bald by the end of Maxxxxxy so fecking hard pain in the baws at times !!!!!

haha Deezee, im sure you'll do it keep it up mate :)

@Owenkiller 5times? like 5 times of starting or playing and not playing?

Very little tbh! I re-bought Dead Island and played co-op for the full 1250g, that was fun. Spiderman was much better than expected, but shortlived. Trials Evo is always there though and I bought Burnout Paradise to tide me over for a few days.....that was subsequently traded in after realising why I got rid in the first place - sheer frustration lol - and Trivial Pursuit had an incorrect answer which cost me 2 hours of my life and the full 1000g!!!


Not to worry because Sleeping Dogs is out in 5 days. :-)

Yes the draught is nearly over! im not sure about sleeping dogs yet. Looking mroe forward to Darksiders 2.



Can anyone tell me if theres a way to always post in red without choosing it everytime?

Cheer's Fen will take a while but hopefully get there eventually !

OwenK wish I had the patience for Fallout 3 , not my kind of game but got caught up in the excitement of it all had a few try's ... but no just couldn't find the light's on button :(

MA71LDA good going on the full Dead Island that's a game I forgot to mention , picked up recently and getting there slowley and slower :)

ps unluck un your Trivial Pursuit prob !

EDIT : Fen can't you just highlight what you want in colour

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