What games are you buying this year?


with all these big releases coming out in such a short amount of time, which games are you all picking up on release? For me its defiantely going to be Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, then i will be adding Skyrim and a few other games to my Christmas list.


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Probably will buy Gears 3, Halo CEA, Skyrim, MW3, Battlefield 3, i need to buy a new xbox first, as mine is currently broken so these games might have to wait till next year.

Fifa, MW3 and Battlefield 3 are the games i have a pre-order. They'll keep me entertained for awhile so wont need any other games.

Pre-ordered Battlefield 3.

Only game im going purchase the rest of this year.

Dead Island - Space Marine - F1 2011 - Forza 4 - Skyrim - Battlefield 3 - WRC 2011 - RAGE - Batman Arkham City - Dark Souls - Assassins Creed Revelations .........

FIFA12, Burnout Crash, Forza 4 Collectors Edition, Battlefield Limited Edition with Karkand Map Pack, MW3 Hardened, Halo CE Anniversary, WWE12, Minecraft, Need for Speed The Run & Assassins Creed Revelations Animus Edition. A lot of games, but the only games I can see myself wanting before this time next year are Counterstrike and FIFA Street 3, so this lot will keep me entertained until the release of Halo 4.

Fifa 12, Dead island, MW3 all on day of release and possibly saints row 3 or need for speed the run for christmas.

Gears 3, Battlefield 3 and MW3 are all day 1 purchases for me.

Also I will be getting Batman, Assassins Creed, Forza 4.

Those are all must buys for me having played the previous versions, there will no doubt be others too

Day one purchases are gonna be

Gears 3

Fifa 12

Shadow of the Colossus & Ico collection

Dark Souls

Batman: AC



Assassins Creed: Rev

I haven't decided on BF3, I saved £300 for games and so its not really in my budget, but I can't help but feeling the hype will get to me in release week lol -.-'

Got Gears 3 and Battlefield 3 on preorder,will pick up Assassins Creed,Space Marine and Batman in January and February to keep me busy until Mass Effect 3 releases in March.

At the moment i want: dead island, Fifa 12, F1 2011, PES 2012, battlefield 3, assassins creed, Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Dark Souls, Forza, Gears of war 3, Batman Arkham city and MW3.

I obviousley won't be buying them all so i'll have to decide which ones to get and which ones not to get. I'll probably be able to afford 4 or 5 of the games listed on release day, the rest will have to wait until the prices drop significantly.

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