What Game to Purchase?

Need some idea's on what game i should go out and get. Im a huge sports game guy so i have 2K14 and Madden 25 but thats it . I use to be into FPS Games but not as much anymore , enjoy racing games but tend to get sick of them real quick. 

Anybody out there with any ideas?


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"Ryse: Son Of Rome".


Best launch title this gen.  On ANY platform.


Don't be put off by the reviews.


Some people say it's repetative because all you really do is kill people as a Roman Centurion.  That's pretty much what I bought the game for.


Looks stunning, the controls are fantastic once you get to grips with them and theres a ton of stuff to unlock from collectibles to move and attribute upgrades, to levelling your Gladiator in the Arena in online play to level 100.


Fantastic game.

+1 on ryse.  If you are looking for a good single player, this is your choice.  I enjoyed the combat, the story and the graphics were great.

I personally would choose ghosts or battlefield because FPS Multiplayer can keep me busy for months on end.  If it were 360 I would choose ghosts hands down, but for the one I would lean towards battlefield.  Graphics are great and multiplayer is actually fun now that it allows for more players......that is when the servers are working correctly.

Lego Marvel.....  very entertaining

[quote user="kingvas78"]

Lego Marvel.....  very entertaining


I'll +1 that

The best Lego game to date


I've been enjoying Dead Rising 3 mostly. I also bought the Max: Curse of Brotherhood game because it was $15 bucks and heard pretty good things about it. Many people have been playing Ryse, which I haven't played yet. If I were you get a game that is made specifically for this console so you can get the most out of the console itself.

Ac4 is better then I thought it would be, after Ac3 that is.

Its the one game I havnt even been near but fifa,if your loving the sports games,its a great footy game im hearing,but also powerstar golf is worth a look,its actually very challenging for a golf game.

As said ryse is sporty in a sense because of the arenas so defo too,

But for open world single player defo lego ac4 or dr3.you cant go wrong with any of them tbh. :)

I would go with AC4. Easily 30 to 50+ hours of play.

I have literally had every Xbox One game available. And I agree with some of the posts ^^ go with AC4 for now.

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