What Game Has Ever Driven You To Utter Despair?

Ok, so I was playing Trials Evo today, and I was on an extreme track, and it took me 600 tries to get past this certain bit, and quite frankly, I hate the game now. Now obviously you could say I should of given it a break, but that does not always work, and it had taken me ages to get past other certain bits, so quitting it wouldnt of helped.

Now, games in the past have annoyed me as well, such as Cod 4 No fighting in the war room and a mission on star wars FU2 which I just gave up on after 3 days of trying.

My question is , are there any games that have done this to you and just make you want to keep trying and your not gonna stop till you do it kind of attitude?

Or are there games out there you now hate because of the difficulty?


PS, this is not a post to just start discussing things Like "Hey UT, maybe you should give it a break etc" , I know that, that's why I have.


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No fighting in the war room was very hard on vet, did that though after a day or two.


Only game I can think of now that made me give up was Ninja Gaiden 1. But that was eons ago, I'm a better and older gamer now so I'd like to give it another shot along with NG2...

"no fighting in the war room" the coridoor that is blocked of and you have to go either left or right ... usual fifa rage when i get beat by poor players .... thats about it ....

Any of the 2K series of American sports games.  Specifically MLB 2K11.

There's just too much of a learning curve for it.  It's not a pick up and play game, you can't put it on the easiest difficulty and start smashing home runs across the ball park.  There's a certain finesse and timing needed for everything including hitting the ball and "pitching" (throwing).

I spent a couple of days trying to figure it out before getting annoyed when I suffered my 20th defeat and scoring only 2 runs and no "homers".  I sent it back to LoveFilm.

To a lesser degree, NBA 2K11/12's 'Be A Pro' mode was also pretty frustrating.  The default difficulty was 'Pro' and you couldn't lower it.  You also couldn't tweak any sliders to make it easier and you'd find youself missing the basket with the kind of shot a 10 year old primary school kid in a netball game would nail.  Plus, the controls were pretty awkward - I never figured out how to dunk or do an alley oop.

know the feeling i hate two parts on the wreck track, so glad i got gold on them all, bit thats annoying me know is getting platinum on every thing cause i got olds on all now

'Muse - Knights of Cydonia' on Hard, on a Controller.


'Inferno II' on Trials HD, I was stuck for a long, long time.

I really don't see what's so hard about mile high club, it's easy.

Fifa 08 was horrible. Cod 4, I tried mile high club for days, but I couldnt do it, then, 2 years later, last summer, I did it, its more routine than anything. The final level however, is so so so so so hard.

"Top Spin 2".


I don't think I quite got the hang of that one and as a result I came really close to breaking a controller.


I play games to enjoy myself and I wasn't enjoying myself so I traded it in.


At least it was a game on disc so I was able to get a return by trading it in.



Hey UT, maybe you should give it a break

I have a fair few games that have, so let me begin...

Super Meat Boy: I got to the final stage kicking and screaming, throwing my remote. I then, could not, no matter how hard i tried, beat it until about 3 months later when I did.
Bayonetta: Final boss on hard mode was enough to make me almost destroy my remote.
Fifa 08: One of the main reasons I stopped playing until this year, some of the unfair ruling I was dealt or impossible comp teams I played was enough to make me destroy my remote.
Call of Duty: Various times has this game annoyed me. Call of Duty 4 made me flip out when I spent forever getting the Mile High Club cheevo.

The list could go on, I may come back when more come to mind.

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