What do you want to see for next gen consoles?

So yes, what features do you want to see, what type of games will you want that support these features, and so on?


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All I want is a variety of games. I don't want a thousand dumbed-down cookie cutter ttiles, nor do I want (or need) a dashboard full of apps that other machines are better equipped to run. I simply want a game console that does what a game console is supposed to do. Apparently, manufacturers, developers & publishers have completely lost sight of that purpose.

Less Kids and no Movie titles

A console that actually renders games at 1080p native.

Maybe, Make The XBOX 720, An Adults Only Console & Leave The Large List Of Games On The 360, For The Kids...

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Maybe, Make The XBOX 720, An Adults Only Console & Leave The Large List Of Games On The 360, For The Kids...


You know, you're only supposed to capitalize proper names & the first word in sentences.


And what would an adults only console be? I'm an adult, and mature enough to realize they're all games. Anyone who thinks something like C.O.D. or Resident Evil is more adult than Sonic the Hedgehog or Viva Pinata hasn't, in all reality, grown up.

3-D console  like the dashboard in 3-D  or more 3-D games  or have the ability for the option,video chat while you are in party chat with your friends like where the GT pic is but with live video!

GMOD, better support for dedicated servers (player owned)

Custom maps, Updates that PC players get for free

A PC version of a game that i buy (portal) which the PS3 owners got, yet they don't even pay a subscription.

I'm with OG Pooh to some degree.  I want a console that is a game console "first" and other stuff next.  I have no issue having other stuff on there, but not like how it is now.  I think the one thing that the 360 is really needing is a couple of AAA exclusives.  I don't think they need to have tons of exclusives, but they need to have more than kinect, xbla, and media content for exclusives.  


If MS isn't careful, their next gen could be like what is happening to BlackBerry now.  BlackBerry was the premier smart phone provider, just a few years ago, and now due to some bad decisions they are circling the drain.  While MS does have more going for it than just the xbox division, their console could easily be at the "back of the bus" next gen in terms of market share and sales, if they don't change some thinking.