what do you think of the sims 3

i got bored and traded f1 2010 and need for speed and i picked up the sims 3 and weirdly iv been spending alot of time on the game, i think they could of made the game more fun more things to do but the game is weirdly good what do you think?


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Yeah its pretty decent. Not brilliant, but decent. Its a good way to pass the time, and its highly addictive!

Could not get in to it at all got repetetive just mot my sort of game though.

not as good as it is for the pc but thats to be expected but still a great game for those hungover sundays when you dont want any in your face gaming or dont want to think much and yea very very addictive

it's the worst of the series on the PC and you can't have user made content and mods on the 360 to improve it. All in all avoid like the plague.

It's fun!

I found it addictive for a couple of weeks and then thought "why the hell am I playing this?".