what connection type is the small wifi unit on the xbox 360 slim???

I have seen the little wifi unit in a xbox 360 slim and it looked like a usb but it is not just wanted to know what it was.



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See if this helps you. FAQs about the Slim.


A USB stick, wireless up to wireless n is built into the slim so unless it was a higher grade dongle, which I don't think it was, like I say it might have been a flash drive.

I don't really understand your statement/question. Did you see it IN the system? As in with the internals exposed? Or are you simply stating that you've seen a U.S.B. WiFi nubbin installed (plugged in)?


As far as I know, Xbox does not integrate with your standard P.C. accessories. Could you have possibly seen the standard Xbox WiFi U.S.B.s plugged into a slim? That being the case, that would be rather useless. It would be like installing a fifth wheel onto your standard passenger car: you can do it, but it is completely unnecessary, and won't increase your performance.