What COD is the hardest to get all 1000G on?

After completing Call of Duty MW2 achivments list last night and finally earning all the gamerscore it has to offer i couldnt help but think it was very easy. This led me to think...What is the hardest Call of duty to earn the full 1000 G off?


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3 by a mile.

Agreed with FM, 3 was just mean. The mp achievements were an annoyance unless you were willing to boost.

World At War - Grenade spam

COD 2 isn't too bad, can be difficult in places though.

COD 4 for mile high club then COD classic for completing the game on veteran, its clearly the hardest COD.

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3 by a mile.

[/quote]Easily this simply because of the MP achievements unless you find a group of at least 8 willing to throw flags at each other for ages.

Yeah 3 is the hardest for needing the 40,000 points in MP mode - and Call of Duty 3 on Veteran I think is the hardest veteran mode of all because of the constant stream of respawning enemies in their masses...

WAW as i just can't get those 45 zeros down! Also 10th prestige for 0g i'm not even going there!

WAW sucked really bad

I can only go by what I've played. CoD 4 last couple of levels in veteran are really hard. Mile High Club took me hours!


CoD:WaW is hard on some levels in Veteran and can get very annoying but it's not too hard. Some other achievments can be quite hard though.


MW2 was fairly easy on Veteran. I have all of them apart from the last two Spec Ops ones. Getting those Veteran ones can be REALLY annoying!


Black Ops I don't really know as I couldn't be bothered to do much on Veteran. The zombie achievments are fun but I'm stuck on Veteran.


So overall I would say CoD 4 for the last missions.

I have got COD4, MW2, Black Ops.  Out of them i've only done 1000G on COD4 and MW2, both very easy.  I think i've done all campaign achievements for Black Ops, i just need multiplayer/zombie ones but cba with them.