What are your thoughts on Skull girls

With the release of skull girls just yesterday i was wondering how many people have played this and what you think.


After playing it i couldn't help but feel it was like a poor mans marvel vs capcom 2 it was quite enjoyable but i shake the feeling that it was missing something i couldn't justify spending 1200 MSP being the fighting enthusiast i am (well not so much now must be getting old) i felt this wouldn't be a worthy addition to my collection.


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I tried the demo - it was ok, but I went for ' The Splatters ' instead, which is awesome.......and cheaper

I do that regularly

You should eat more fibre mate

I recommend Arcana Heart 3 instead :)

It maybe a good game, but the demo is awful: tutorial mostly locked, no movelist and no netplay so there's no way to see whether it lags or not.

Yay! Strangeotron is back!!! Woohoo! :D

I missed your posts!

Same as i am so glad he didn't become a gardener

You've made me wanna play Plants VS Zombies now.

Nice little game, some issues but they are working hard and quickly to fix them (they were very quick to fix an issue with Xbox online yesterday).  A lot of hype around it in the Scottish FG community with most guys enjoying the game!

Strange, go look up the move list on their web site (OMFG, SFII:SCE didn't have an in-game move list, how on earth did I manage all those years ago...) and try to bear in mind that this is an XBLA game not a full retail release.