What are you predictions for E3?

Who will be the underdog?
Who will the the shining success?
Who will suck?

What do y'all think? I personally feel that the same games will steal the show like Call of duty and Battlefield, but i also think alot of attention will go to Dead Island. Obviously Skyrim will get alot of coverage as it looks immense and i am not sure what looks bad, but then again i haven't looked into it much.
Also Gears  will clearly get even more EPIC. (Hah, see wut i dud.)


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The majority of attention at E3 will likely go to Nintendo with "Project Cafe" and/or Sony with their NGP which looks good, hopefully they don't price it too high


Though if Timesplitters 4 turns out to be Crytek Uk's new game that they're going to show that will be a success to me for EA/Crytek


I hope Microsoft show something of interest to me at E3, Though reading that there's going to be 10 Kinect games at E3 leads me to believe that a large part of their conference will be taken up with Kinect again. Regardless if these games are focusing on the "core" I don't own Kinect and neither do around 40 million other Xbox 360 owners, so for their conference to be focused around Kinect again would suck for me Though I am interested in seeing this new Alan Wake title I've read about, I also expect Microsoft will announce a few apps for Xbox Live like Skype, Youtube etc


Other games at E3 I'd like to see more of are: Dark Souls, Dead Island, Uncharted 3, The Darkness 2, SSX, Hitman, Saints Row 3 and the console versions of Battlefield 3

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EDIT/ EDIT: lol. i actually forgot what i actually want to see,


some better games for kinect, yes i like it and i would like more games that i can play with my nieces and nephews that isn't on nintendo... and a new borderlands..


oh yeah and dead island and rage.... i'd like to see those

Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, Dead Island,  Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Saints Row: The Third.

I'm not quite sure what Microsoft will do, sure there will be Kinect stuff but I hope the whole show is not wholly focused on Kinect like last year, it fit last year as Kinect wasn’t out but if they did it again it could be a bad move. So long as it's at least 50/50 between Kinect and some new hardcore games then I think they'll do well

As for Sony, no doubt they will update us on how many PS1's they've sold as they do every year. They might show a few catch up features of PSN and have some Move stuff.

Nintendo's conferences are traditionally the worst and most boring, but as they are going to be announcing their new console they could end up having the most exciting conference, which hasn’t happened for them in a very long time.

I usually have some doubts over Microsoft's conference but year after year they pull another smasher out the bag, I just hope they can do it again this year. To be honest all they need to do is get Peter Moore back as a one off and come out with a GTA V tattoo and Microsoft would win hands down.