What are the ups/downs of NO used games?

I buy a lot of games used but the games that are important to me i buy new.  Gamestop/ebay are going to lose bussiness and i will lose some money too.  The Developers/publishers will do much better and hopefully the games will be better because of it.


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They would charge as much to rent as you could buy used on another system.  I wouldn't count on any third-party console exclusives.  Those days are over.

The biggest down for me, and the one that my keep the nextbox out of my house early, is that I have a wife and 3 (soon to be 4) kids.  We all play the games I buy.  So, if it was always on and you could not use the game on separate Xboxes I would need 4 copies of Skyrim to have one for everyone to play.  Currently we have 1 copy and use it.  If the rumors are true, I understand they are just rumors, then I would have to give it serious thought.  PS4 would be the option for consoles if they did not block games like this.  I personally play my xbox more than my ps systems.  I play it more than my pc games currently but that would change.  It may also lead to me purchasing pc's for them as right know having to buy multiple copies of single player games is the only reason I skip pc and use console.

Best course of action here is to not sew your wallet shut until we have some actual "Official" information.  All of this speculation isn't good for anybody.  :)

Let give you a real example. I would have not bought Mass Effect 2 which means ME3 would not be bought. Bioshock 2 would not be bought. And those are just 2 series of games I started used.

And what line of thought give VIDEO GAME creators eternity cash rights to the secondary market. Video excuse Dvd movies don't block me from grabbing up the BETAMAX version of Star Wars. Milton Bradley is not demanding a paycheck if I buy Monopoly at a yard sale. The Beach Boys and Andy Griffin ain't shooting out my windows for picking up their 45s from a vintage song store.

If MS blocks used games in Nextbox, I would be happy playing 360 used games. And have you seen some of um less than stellar AAA games currently out there. (insert titles you think suck).

And I laugh when developers say their games will come down in price if only used games were block. I think they be happy making a law requiring only new games could be used in consoles.

it would stop me from wasting money by losing money trading in.  I would have a larger collection of games to play as I always go back to some older games long after I have got rid of them.

No used games means no trade ins.  No trade ins means fewer new games sold.  The President of EA said as much in a recent interview.  

There is the upside that if used games were non playable Microsoft could corner the market on game rentals if it were to launch a game rental app for Xbox Live.This could lure new franchises to Xbox because they would have the comfort of knowing that even if their game flopped they would recover most of their losses through rentals.

[quote user="Lord BaneJ"]

MS will lose the next generation console war if they disabled used game as well as requiring always on internet connection - When the competitors did not impose such restriction.


Considering of all the 3 major players, not ONE of them have made any CLEAR statements concerning used game and always connected. So your statement has zero validity to it at all.

Sony has made it clear the PS4 will NOT require an Internet connection, etc.  I was satisfied with their statement.

Think about it for a second - if pre-owned games are written-off in the next generation of consoles, then so will be trading games back.  I don't think I need to speak of the repercussions on that one!!  If ever someone made an impulse purchase on a chance that they may not like it, or its over too soon, that will be gone.  People will be a lot more careful with the games they buy, and as a result games sales will go down across the board.  Pre-owned games may be a thorn in the side to publishers (because I believe this is their issue, not the developer), but although they may get their cake and eat it eventually,  it will be their undoing.

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