What are my chances?? (Xbox One Day One Ed.)

Ok...yeah, I didn't pre order. That would've been the SMART thing to do, but i was indecisive at the time, so....here we go.



If i show up at my local gamestop (who'se definitely sold out of pre orders) at around 6 AM, and wait there until opening hour (10 AM)...what are my chances of grabbing a Day One Edition.... (and chances of a normal edition if that doesnt happen?)






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Day One editions are completely gone online but I'd highly doubt you could get one at the store either. The best you could even get is just the standard edition.

As for you question, most places will not be getting extra day one edtions, just standards since day one preorders were ended and started preordering standards


My store is personally getting 2 day one edtions, but we are giving those to preorders of the standard edition and bumping the standards to walk ups.  Only fair way to do it

You should have preordered. They don't bill you until the order ships, so you could have had a good 5 months to continue to be indecisive.

go to Best Buy, they will have a line for preorders and a line for walk ups. They are said to have the most extra systems.

Not to mention...when i asked....they couldn't give me a "yes or no" when I know they know how many they received...

All i asked was would there be extras besides the pre orders...that way I'd know whether to even go at all, cute lil cashier was new....so she was completely clueless, but this doesn't help me.

Guess I'm camping out anyway, besides this....I'm willing to pay $500 in cash PLUS my Xbox 360 and 10+ games for it + 4 gold controllers....

Thanks. What time should I get there? I'm waiting in line at GameStop first starting at 6 am. By the way im showing up early to get a NUMBER, not a system, this is Thursday, the # (if im first) will pretty much guarantee i get a system at the midnight release once the pre orders get theirs.

Your chances aren't fabulous, but if all else fails a few phone calls never hurt.

I don't think gamestops give numbers for the midnights until 6 pm

Your only chance for a dayone edition is to hope someoen doesn't pick up their preorder and grab it on sunday when they release those at gamestop.

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