What are GAME like for pre-orders?

Thinking Of Pre-Ordering MW3 Hardened From Them For The Intel Pack, Do They Always Deliver Pre-Order Games On Time Or A Day Before, Or Is It Unrare For Them To Deliver Past Release Date, I Ordered MW2 From Them in 09 And I Know They Sent That Out By Courier Due To The RM Postal Strikes, But The Reason I Ask, Is Recently, Purchases I've Made With Gamestation, Who Are They Same Company Are They Not? And They Arrived In 4 Days And 31 Days, But, That Company Always Was 2 Days Or Less, Thankyou.


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Game: Great

Gamestation: Great

Shopto: Great

The Hut: Good

Zavvi: Ok

Gameplay: Great

Tesco: Poor

Amazon: Good

Bee.com: Great

Personal experience of various sites for pre orders, im guessing Gamestation will be as good as Game though

My friends gears has been dispatched and payment taken today however mine is still sitting with unshipped stutus and no money has been taken. They used to be great get the game a day early mostly but tafter thier website update they missed driver and dead island for me. Didnt get any rembursment either

Received a email from game with another 3000 rewards points added to my account,so its likely that i am not going to receive my copy on release day now. MY order just says unshipped still.

I'm thinking Game have lost a fair few sales online after the recent website disaster. I mailed them because I still couldn't see my BF3 order and got this in reply:

Dear Mark,

Thank you for preordering from GAME.co.uk.

Unfortunately we are experiencing problems with our Account Management system
which is preventing customers from seeing some of their preorders.

Don't panic! Your preorder is safe and will be despatched in time for release day
however you will not be able to edit or cancel it online.

We understand that this may cause you some inconvenience so as a gesture of
goodwill when we despatch your preorder we will also add 3,000 Reward Points to
your Reward Card. This is worth £7.50.

I think I will wait and see what happens to people's Gears preorders to see whether I cancel it or keep it.

Couldnt tell you if my reward points have changed got over 50 quid on there though

^ I had an email 2 days ago from Game saying they'd dispatched Gears. Not seen it yet.. but last time i preordered from them I got it a day early

My Gears 3 Console was "dispatched" last sunday and the money was taken this Wednesday.