some people on the web have hated these new dashboard updates that change the dash completely. well some people like to have the original first dashboard(i dont blame them) because new features dash looks can be a bit much for some so its like since then why do they keep changing the dash. i can tell a few things why but couldnt they just put the dash themes on the xbox so we can choose the one we want instead of having to change it cause of an update. i would like to have the blades dash just to have cause it is a good theme. but hey im not sayin the new ones bad cause its got a full kinect feature with bing and etc. lol but yeah keep updating the dash cuz the bootlegs are gona kill ya if you guys dont keep up!


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Then you will not like what's coming in the fall update.

I think they should just make the dash completely user customizable. I would love to have the blades back.

no riven57 i kinda do because its got kinect dashboard and hoping its better then the one they have cause there are things they forgot like eject the tray when theres a disc inside but the one i would like is that we could turn the xbox on/off with kinect lol

You can eject the disc when it is in the tray. Go to my xbox and below the game is the option "Press X to Eject".