Well the slim is basically garbage

Had mine about 2 years and the optical drive is going funny. Started going funny before it even hit 1 year. So much for reliability. Come 2014 it will be goodbye to bad garbage (if you haven't guessed I hope to get a PS4 soon). You won't be missed

So much for the Slims being more reliable


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I haven't heard of that happening.  Weird.  

Didn't Microsoft manage to bring the failure rate down to the same level with PS3 and Wii? I recall reading something like that. In that case, OP, you just got unlucky. Nothing is 100% failproof.

I've heard the failure rate on optical drives is still pretty high. I've had one die on my already (plus my slim disc drive just stopped opening, but fortunately it was still under warranty), so I always make sure to install games to the hard drive and never use my 360 to watch DVD's anymore.

All the games I play most are installed, but the question is:

a) will the 360 recognise it. It's having issues with doing that

b) will the game actually spin up so it can start (sometimes it recognises, but fails to start

c) will it spin down after it's started, because sometimes it sounds like it's struggling to read

d) will it crash completely once the game has started

It's been known to do all 4 of these. I don't really use it for DVDs now

Nobody's questioning that something is going on with your console, Epic.  Clearly, something is in fact going on with it.  It sounds like it could use a repair.  Possibly a replacement.  But it's not typical of the Xbox 360 S.  I rarely ever hear of any serious hardware issues like that.  The console is, overall, a solid system.  As stated before, this was just a stroke of bad luck.  If you actually enjoyed gaming on your Xbox 360 over the past couple of years, then perhaps it would benefit you to get yourself a working 360 S once again.  Talk to Xbox Customer Support.  Their hardware department might be able to help out.


On a side note:  Interesting thing happened to my old Xbox many years ago.  It stopped being able to read discs.  Just kept saying "Open Tray" when I had one in there.  After much troubleshooting, and a little thinking outside the box, it turned out my hard drive was bad.  When I removed my HDD, the disc drive suddenly worked like a charm.  Put my HDD in my friend's Xbox, suddenly his disc drive wasn't working.  Replaced the HDD, issue resolved.  I don't know if the 360 S is capable of reproducing that same error, but you might as well give it a try if you have an HDD.  Try powering it up without the HDD, see if it's reading discs again.  Maybe simply reseating it (putting it back firmly in place) could fix the whole thing.  You never know till you try.

It'll read them with or without, and I'll forget the problem exists, then one day several months/weeks in the future it'll suddenly go BAM! Can't read your disc and give me a troll face

So you can see why I'm not coming back to Xbox once the gen is over. You had one job MS and I gave you two shots at it, and you failed both times

You don't think you're being just the slightest bit... dramatic?  Just saying.  It's not a common thing, so, like I said, if you enjoyed the service, enjoyed the gameplay, then just get yourself another unit, and you're not likely to encounter that error again.  If you didn't enjoy the service or the gameplay, then you don't really need an excuse to go.  Have fun either way, man.  You'll always have a place here in the Xbox community.

I can be a little dramatic on forums LOL. I liked the gameplay, games etc, just the quality of hardware is what was on the disappointing side.

Seeing as it's not dead yet and has gone twice as long as the first 360 I had (pre-resurrection) I withdraw the unreliable comment and my previous post. But you have to admit it's annoying when stuff like this happens. It's hard for me to know whether it is faulty or not at this tie, seeing as it's been in this state for almost a year and happens so rarely I even forget it exists.

They (Xbox Support tell me) it could be heat or ventilation issues.

Well absolutely it's annoying.  Can't fault you for that at all.  Sorry that the issue keeps coming back to visit you, but at least it's not moving in, right?  Here's hoping the issue gets resolved, and your Xbox 360 continues to provide years of enjoyment.  And if things go awry, remind your Xbox that it can be replaced.

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