Well that was.......

Awful I thought Microsoft would of went all out here. But they shoved Kinect in my face. Only decent thing about that imo was the Gears of War 3 gameplay. Halo 4,5 and 6 seriously :|. Probably great for all you kinect users but for people like me who don't have kinect or have any intention of getting one that was crap.


Edit: The Gun smith mode for kinect did look impressive.


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Oh man, that was terrible

I can't be the only one wishing Kinect was never created

Love this quote from gaf.

"they should have used the Bing search engine to find a better conference."

Ms have nothing that appeal to me any more. the conference was suicide worthy.

See the problem is. MS did go all out. Thats the issue here, they have nothing, literally nothing for anyone who doesnt have or want kinect

Too much casual stuff.  Like you said, the gun smith stuff looked cool and I like the look of the implementation of kinect in Mass Effect 3.  I'm happy about Halo 4 and the Anniversary remake.  But watching another bunch of casual games, played by people who act like they've been injected with way too much happy juice, was just too much to bare.

Now all that's left is to wait for the next few days to pass, waiting for the Battlefront 3 announcement that won't come, then I can finish another year of E3, feeling empty, "meh" and soul destroyed.

I'll look at the NGP, but I can't imagine I'll wanna spend a fortune on a Sony handheld.  I'll take a look at the new Nintendo system too, but I'll want a much better lineup than what the Wii has brought to the table.  Overall, I like some of the stuff Microsoft are doing with kinect, but I want major game titles, not other ways to flail my arms around.

The cool stuff just seemed to be drowned out by Elmo and Mickey Mouse.  

To be perfectly honest I wasn't expecting much from Microsoft at this E3, As I said on the old forums all eyes are on Nintendo this year, Kinect sucks for us Hardcore gamers and I wasted a lot of bandwidth watching Microsoft's press conference!!!

Really looking forward to disneyland

I thought it was brilliant. Too many gamers here who think they are hardcore, who don't know the meaning of the word. The xbox isnt just about shooting and cod you know, there are kids to think about, and women who will want the interactive features which the Xbox is bringing. I can't wait for that dashboard update.

Thoroughly enjoyed that. You don't get events like this every day so stop being a bunch of miserable bastads and enjoy the insane amount of quality games on the way.

Oh xBazzA I'm hardcore aright and probably older than you mate, I agree Its good for kids etc but not for me no no .

Cant wait for the minecraft to consoles. Im sure it wont only be Kinect.

insane amount of quality games


Which ones exactly?

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