Well I gave in and bought a Xbox One

I have always said I will eventually get a Xbox One. As I like to have all the latest systems. But £400 for something I was going to use for exclusives is a little to rich for my blood. But anyhow I was in Cash Generator today and saw a few Xbox One consoles for £275. I noticed a few where day one editions. A sale person came over to me and asked if I needed any help. I asked I was fine just pondering weather to buy one. He then gave me a offer Xbox One with a game £275. Only had a choice of Battlefield or Dead Rising or Fighters Within. Since I have BF4 on PS4 I went with Dead Rising.

Got it home and set it up. Had to download a 30 minute update. Once on the main dashboard I noticed in the my games and apps section it said I have FIFA 14 and Killer Instincts to install. FIFA is currently installing so so far so good it looks like I may have another game to play (although I have it on PS4).

So far the system seems ok. Really not liking the windows 8 style menu. Also kinect can't seem to understand my scouse accent very well. But am here for the games so am hoping Microsoft bring some decent exclusives in the next few months. It is good to have best of both worlds I suppose. Xbox for exclusives and PS4 for multi platform and PS4 exclusives.


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recalibrate the kinect with the volume MUCH higher than what you would normally play/listen at...

@octo think Cheshire accent works much better :) and as above calibrate with it very loud, think 80% max volume.

Just crank your sound to the point kinect says its too loud then ,then dial it down a couple notches

The misses just bought a PS4 for herself. I'm still holding out. I would be just as bored with the X1 right now as I am with her PS4. Find myself just flipping through tiles with no destination in mind. The price difference is negligible, especially since we're already looking into buying the camera for it.

Thanks I will give recalibrating it tomorrow.

Also another question. I don't have XBL at the moment. But I was able to play FIFA online without any issues?

You're right, best thing is to get both so you don't miss out on games. But I don't think I will ever own a PS4 as the little gaming time I have is spent between the Xbox One and PC. 

Not sure on that one oce I would shop around on the net for one anyway, I got a 13 month pass for 25 quid :)

Glad to see you took a step to the next gen.

By all means enjoy your X1 and make numerous posts about how you're happy with it....but by no means make a post about how you're not entirely happy with it.

B/c every moron with a MS badge will belittle your opinion and call you out on how you just copy and pasted an unhappy thread.


Glad you enjoy it my friends just ignore ICN he's having a bad day.any issues post here or in support

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