Well everythings changed!

Hello, this is the first time I have been back on this website in over 2 years (I believe) maybe even longer and as expected everything has changed!

I have a question,

I cant seem to see anywhere that shows you which forums you have posted/ commented in?

It is as if I have to find the forum type, then the actual post and then my comment.

I may just be blind and have missed it right in front of me and i am sure you used to be able to see fairly easily. Any help would be appreciated.



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Thanks to both of you. This was a great help :)

For example, if you view Xbox General Discussion, you'll see "All Recent", "Unanswered", "Unread", and "Your Discussions" on the top. Not sure if any way to view the entire Xbox.com forums (instead of clicking through each sub-forum) through those features though.

You'll see All Threads, Unanswered, Unread and Your Discussions under the large Xbox Forums banner while you look at any list of threads in a sub forum. You want to click on Your Discussions.