Welcome to UK Xbox Game Discussion

Welcome to the UK XBox Game Discussion Forum

You have a general question about a game?  Looking for tips?  Need hints on how to get that elusive achievement?  This is the place to be.

Feel free to chat about current games, old games, new games, arcade games, indie games and well, all games Xbox really.  If you want to run tournaments, leagues, online community matches then this is also the place to do it.  Let's have fun together and be happy gamers!

Note on Discussion Threads

Due to high demand from the community we are happy to allow general discussion threads back but please note the following:

1.  These threads are only permitted here in the UK Xbox Game Discussion forum.

2.  Please do not start a thread with the word "Discussion" in the title.  We don't want members designating their own threads as 'the' (only) discussion for a specific game.  This isn't a competition.  We suggest you simply call your thread by the name of the game and let it evolve organically into a general discussion if it's the will of the forum/community.  Remember you receive no kudos, CUL boosts, icons or any special treatment by being the creator of any discussion and we want to eliminate the bickering about who gets to create them without enforcing any (only mods can create them) policy. 

3.  Please do not direct any other members to post their questions in a discussion thread.  Remember this whole forum is for game discussion.  If the regular members want to stick to a single thread that is fine but please don't enforce your own preferences to other user, especially those who may be new to the forum.  It is perfectly fine for there to be other threads for specific games and if you feel "frustrated" when a big title comes out and there are a few threads on the same game, remember it will be short-lived.  Take a deep breath and don't attack the thread creator needlessly with negative comments.  Just let it go and keep the whole place friendly and welcoming.

And that's it!   Nice and simple.

One last point and possibly the most important.  There have been, in the past, certain unruly behaviour in these threads which caused a lot of problems and ultimately resulted in the demise of these threads in the first place.  Going forward, if any member acts out of turn we will enforce a zero tolerance approach.  This means posting off-topic, attacking other members, systematic bullying of certain members, anything which breaches the Code of Conduct for the forum etc. then your account may be banned without warning.  You may also see posts disappear from time to time as we tidy up threads.  Please don't get upset about it, removing posts is the only way we will be able to keep the threads from getting out of control.

I hope this news is welcomed by all and we can all work together to have some really great discussions and build a stronger community.



Happy gaming!



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