Welcome to the Xbox.com Forums!

Welcome to the Xbox.com Forums! The forums are provided by Microsoft as a way for gamers and enthusiasts to connect with each other and talk about everything Xbox. On the forums, you’ll find people from many different backgrounds and age groups, from 13 years of age (the minimum age for accessing the forums) to grandparents, or even great grandparents!  Because of this, our primary goal is to provide a safe and friendly environment where anyone can feel free to post and communicate with others.

The Forums at xbox.com are governed by these sets of guidelines:

1)      Xbox Live Terms of Use 

2)      Xbox Live Code of Conduct

3)      Xbox.com Forum Guidelines

The first two are the rules and regulations that all users agree to when signing up for the LIVE service, and are enforceable whenever the user is using the service; this includes by definition the Xbox.com forums.

The Xbox.com Forum Guidelines are specific to the Xbox.com forum platform itself. Included are some simple and common-sense rules, but also some things such as maximum allowable size of images, signature size, etc.

Having trouble finding something?

Check out the new dropdown navigation by hovering over "Xbox Forums" below the main navigation bar. Also, make sure to bookmark the Forum Directory.

Who can help me?

In the forums, you will run into users that have an X, M, or S Community User Level (CUL) in the bottom portion of their Forum Gamercard. Users with an X are Xbox employees who occasionally wander the forums to keep you updated with the latest console or forum updates/news. Those with an M CUL are Forum Moderators. They’re here to serve the community, keep the forums family friendly, and answer whatever question you may have about the forums specifically.

And last (but not least!), you may also notice some users have an “S” in their Forum Gamercard. These folks are Official Xbox Staff here to support you. You can feel confident in providing whatever information these agents may request, but please remember to NEVER give out your Windows LIVE ID (WLID) and password to anyone.

If you are having a problem with Xbox LIVE, hardware, or accessories, please check out the Support Forums on the forums where you can find 9 official Xbox Forums Staff eager to help you out. These agents are named Mister Cerb, Mister Quimby, Misses Quinzel, Mister Beep, Mister Maka,  Miss Gale. Mister Cizl, Mister Mascot, and Miss Bijoux You can learn more about using these forums here: Using the Xbox Support Forums! You can also get official contact info and support documentation by visiting the Contact Us Page, or by contacting @XboxSupport on Twitter.

If someone breaks the Code of Conduct on the forums you can report them by clicking the "Report this post as abusive" button. This is the small circle with a slash through it. If you need to report abuse on the forums in a Private Message, please send a screenshot to *** Email address is removed for privacy ***. Please also include your GT that you are being harassed on. As always, do not engage violators on the forums or in PMs as this will most likely lead to more abusive content.

NOTE - do *not* report violations on Xbox Live via this alias. Reports of harassment via Xbox Live, questions about enforcement action, and general support inquiries will not receive a response. If you are being harassed on Xbox LIVE, please visit our Reporting Abuse on Xbox Live support article for information and steps on reporting the offenders directly on your console.

I can post images to the forums?

Currently, no!

Where is the forum for my region/country?

For many regions with Xbox Live you can find forums for your specific region in the menu at the top of the screen (below the main xbox.com site navigation bar).

Thank you,

DMZilla, Mister Cerb, and the rest of the Xbox Forum Staff.


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