Welcome to the Big Leagues achievement.

how does this work? sureley if youve played GOW 1 and 2, its not fair as you cant 100% the achievement list unless im wrong


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Unlocked as soon as I booted the game up for me. So I guess if you've played GOW 1 or 2 it auto-unlocks?

hmm, im not sure how you get it, as i dont have it and i played both :(

I'm not sure, but it could be something to do with how much time you spent in multiplayer in the previous games. I didn't get to 100 in GoW2, but I did get this achievement.

The description says "Your skill and experience means you’re ready for Standard Versus multiplayer." so it must also be unlocked once you play 3 for long enough as well, as there is a "beginnner" style lobby in Multiplayer to start off in, but I skipped over that because I had the achivement already.

I think you get it when the game deems you ineligable for Casual multiplayer.

As posted on Joe Graf's wall on the official epic games forums (he's their lead programmer)

"The entire point of that achievement is for people that have played previous versions of Gears. It will unlock the first time you hit start."

So it'll automatically unlock.

I think this is wrong because what if you have played previous Gears games but didn't try out multiplayer, or does it unlock because of your multiplayer stats on previous gears games?

i acutally just go it

i didnt know how to get it before alot of people said you cant get it if you have played the other ones

but i have played gears 1 and 2 and i jsut got it

i was going for the wait what time is it in versus casual and right after i got wait what time is it i got welcome to the big leagues

i dont know if that helps though