weird smell from xhox

so a couple of days ago i was playing bo2 when i noticed a weird smell in the room., its not me becuz i shower every day so i started looking around. it wasnt my cat or my fish so i went over to the xbox and it was making this weird sound and smell. the only way to describe it would be a rancid peanut butter odor combined with molten cabbage. i have no idea what is causing this. theres nothing around my xbox to cause this. its so bad i want to vomit but i still wanna play blops2 :( what should i do about this. ive already sprayed axe into it and that just made it 10x worse and now the xbox is making weirder sounds. SHOULD I CALL MICROSOFT.?!?


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Actually what you need to do is throw away that fake "xhox" and purchase an offical Xbox 360 Console.  Sounds like you bought that thing on the wrong side of the tracks =)

Your xbox is dying it's releasing its bowel which is totally normal when something dies

Alcohol wont do that. It will evaporate before it "eats" anything. However spraying Axe into your console was not the best idea in the world. As AXE is essentially a compressed liquid it also contains other ingredients such as TALC and Hydrogenated castor oil which will cause the moving parts in your console to become clogged as well as the possibilty of getting into the DVD drive and clogging the lens. Also im guessing that doing that will have voided any warranty you had on the console

[quote user="Viral Cyrix"]

Sounds like your cat pee'd on your console or has sprayed it marking it as theirs


That must be it :D 

The alcohol in the axe will probably ruin your xbox completely now cause it will "eat" your xbox from the inside 

Sounds like your cat pee'd on your console or has sprayed it marking it as theirs

my nephew once stuck a peanut butter covered slice of bread into his parents dvd player....

You do know that the dirt in your Xbox (which is in EVERY Xbox sooner or later)

will be sticky now cause of the axe you sprayed in it.

That will create a much bigger problem…

Maybe your cat did pee on your Xbox?

Maybe your Xbox was hungry and wanted peanut butter ?

Do you have lil kids running around with their fingers covered in peanut butter?

Calling Microsoft for that? :D

What should that be?

The person who put the Xbox together ate peanut butter? :D

I doubt that. 

LMAO too funny  what the heck would spray axe in into it ?

I once putted a dorito in my xbox nd i didnt even get double xp like my mtn dew said, i think treyarch should patch this because its unfair to a guy gamer like me to be so mistreated.