Weird problem since being asked by ms to verify security proofs.

Ok so started logging onto live saturday night as normal and was asked to go through security proofs by microsoft. Went through it and as i already had them in place i verifyed and went into live. Sunday morning went to sign in and was asked to go through the same process again so i did and then went on live. Now i discovered everytime i logged out i had to do the same. So i phoned microsoft and was told next time tick the option when asked to remember password on this console so i did and now im not asked when i sign on. But surley you should still be able to sign in with password if you still want without having to verify ure security proofs ? Was he right or wrong ? Which leads me to the weird problem since then. He also got me to delete profile only and clear harddrive cache and re download my profile wich we did all went ok. But since then all the main game achievement icons have changed i dont mean a few but most of them and also if i go into my game the picture for the arcadel game two brothers is grey with a controller symbol. Ive re downloaded the game but alas it wont change to the picture. Now ive spoken to two different microsoft peope since. One didnt have a clue and the second tryed to tell me most developers have channged the icons now if say one or three had ied think ok but for neatly everygame im not sold. Im in the UK and so i turn to you the public for hopefulya answer. Has anyone noticed most of the main achievement icons have changed in thier list of games and is thier two brothers arcade game not showing the pucture and last not least anyone one who uses thier password to go on live is it now standard to put in email and password and verify security proofs? May seem trivial too some but im pretty oc with my xbox and i need to know.

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The security proof is normal when you don´t have the password saved.

The Brother icon works fine for me.

If its a gray controller and not a half gray controller, it is normal.

Usually you find this icon under every game.

If its a full gray controller you have the full game, if its half you have a demo.

You could delete the game only and re download it.

That maybe fix it.

You just delete the game not the saves.