Weird Friends List glitch

Ok,  i  was sending a message to a friend through xbox .com, it said on the actual list that he was playing Facebook, so i went on into his profile to send the message when i noticed something peculiar, it said he was last online 34 minutes ago but underneath it said "Xbox Dashboard  - Using Facebook".

So i went ahead and sent the message, and then went to my actual xbox's Friends list to check it out, see if it was the same, but alas, it just said offline for 34 minutes.

Here's a Screencap, i censored most of the Players information out, because i wasnt sure about the rules on posting about specific members, and i didnt want him getting spammed with "HOW U DO THAT?" and stuff:

So what's up with that? is he appearing offline and it somehow glitched or something else.


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He's appearing offline.  On we've been able to see those who are appearing offline ever since the last major update I believe.


Doesn't that defeat the purpose a little then?

So what your saying is if your appearing offline, it will still list what your playing on


Strange, i just tried this out with an alt account, and its not doing it.


Yes, you have been able to see this for quite some time now. My friend does it all the time. You will show what you lasted played even if you select "appear offline" before signing in. The only thing this does for you, is that on your friends' list there will not be a notification pop-up at the bottom of the screen. But most of the time(unless there is an update to a game) if they switch games, the status will not change if they are offline. Also, if you are playing with someone that is offline, they will show up an "Online" in a party chat. The game they are playing will not show up.

Oh cool, thanks for clearing that up!