Weird Controller Disconnection Issue

I thought this would be best as a story (didn't even intend on it) - please see it through to the end:

I was able to attach my Turtle Beach Z300 PC gaming headset to the controller with the Audio Adapter and was working fine for about a day. The next day I was playing Advanced Warfare for about an hour and I noticed that the audio in the right ear cup of my headset had stopped working. The first thing to always try is to turn it off and on again, so I pulled out the audio adapter from my controller and plugged it back in but it only made it worse - there was no audio whatsoever now. So, I followed the same principle and turned the controller off and on again by holding down the Dashboard button and turning the controller off. When I turned it back on, the controller didn't do anything. There was only the light of the dashboard button. I tried reconnecting the controller to the Xbox but nothing - the controller stayed unresponsive.

I then contacted Xbox support about the problem and they told me to do this:

" Plug in a USB keyboard to your Xbox One: Clear Persistent storage by going to Settings > Disc and Blu-Ray > Persistent Storage > Clear Persistent Storage. Once done please go to Settings>Network>Advance Settings>Alternate Mac Address>Clear. Then turn the console off completely by holding the power key for 10-20 seconds. Unplug power supply. After 2 minutes plug the power supply back, turn console on."

Obviously this is very long-winded, but was fine for a one-time thing. I then went out for the rest of the night, feeling quite happy that I fixed my new controller. Then, today happened - I turned on my Xbox in the morning and every 4 hours I would get the same symptoms as the day before, so I'm wondering:

What is my issue - the controller (came with the Xbox - fine until this issue), the Audio Adapter (bought from a trusted eBay seller who said it was new) or the headset (it can connect to the 3.5mm jack in the front of the Audio Adapter), and how do I permanently fix this issue?

If you need any further information or even have a fix, please comment below.


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